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What can New Home Purchasers expect?

As part of scheduled appointments, one of our professional Design Consultants will greet clients with a wireless PDA in hand. This interactive device is used to scan the barcodes found on sample products on display. These barcodes have two components: the barcode number, which provides product information, and one of ten barcode colours, which conveys to your customers the standard you are offering and up to nine additional upgrade choices available to them.

As the Design Consultant scans the barcodes of the products the purchasers select, a shopping cart of items is created. Once the selection process is complete and all product barcodes have been scanned into the shopping cart, the on-screen end-appointment option will then send the list to one of the designated touch-screen terminals located within the centre. The terminal screen shows customers payment options, and all other information needed to complete the sale. This streamlined system helps clients make informed decisions that reflect their personal style and fit their budget.