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Purchasing a new home is an exciting time, but the process of making selections can seem daunting at best. At the Home Decor Centre® stress and confusion are eliminated and our luxurious surroundings and attention to detail will clearly demonstrate your builder’s commitment to you and your new home.

What happens at a Selection Appointment? There are many materials used to finish your home. You will need to choose these materials, such as cabinetry, carpet, tile hardwood and paint, to name a few. An appointment is arranged with a professional Design Consultant who will help you choose the products that will be used to finish your home. While you will have products that come standard with your home purchase (standards), we also provide an extensive range of upgrade products (upgrades).

Is there anything I should do before my Selection Appointment? Preparation for your appointment is key. The Home Decor Centre® is open for browsing on weekends to allow you to become acquainted with the many products and services you will be making your selections from. Determine your budget requirements, collect magazine photos of interiors that inspire you and be sure to bring all of this to your Selection Appointment.

As directed by your builder and determined by your home’s construction schedule, arrangements may be made for two appointments to finalize your selections: a Pre-Construction visit and a Colour Selection visit.

Pre-Construction Selection Appointment: Depending on your builder’s policies, and the progression of your home’s construction, this appointment is to purchase pre-drywall upgrades such as plumbing, electrical and gas-line rough-ins, staircase upgrades and structural changes.

Colour Selection Appointment: This is the final appointment where any interior finishes for your home will be chosen.

If it is not possible to have a Pre-Construction Selection Appointment and your home is already under construction, we will schedule a single appointment to allow you to choose any pre-construction upgrades that may still be available at the time of your Colour Selection Appointment.

At your appointment(s) you will work closely with a professional Design Consultant where the finishes for your home will be chosen quickly and easily from the biggest and best selection of quality fixtures and finishes. With the advanced technology of hand-held scanners, a quick scan of a product’s barcode compiles your choices to create a Selection Chart. The ease of our system allows Design Consultants to focus on you and your needs instead of the tedious administration work usually associated with creating a Selection Chart.

Our approach of one-stop shopping is not only unique in the industry, it takes care of many of the often overlooked details in the selection process. This provides peace of mind and eliminates many of the concerns that become apparent only after settling into your new home.

When will my appointment take place? This depends on your home’s possession date and your builder’s construction schedule. Weekends are reserved for browsing and Selection Appointments take place during our normal business hours. As no browsing takes place when appointments are scheduled, this allows you to work with your Design Consultant without distractions. Be prepared to spend at least 3 hours with your Design Consultant at your Selection Appointment.

When and how can I pay for upgrades purchasers that are included in my selections? Payment for upgrades must be finalized at your Colour Selection appointment and can be made by cheque, certified cheque, or credit card, if available.

I have questions, who do I ask? Upgrade pricing is available at any of our touch screens located throughout the Home Decor Centre®. Your assigned Design Consultant will also be able to answer any other inquiries at your Selection Appointment.