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Your purchasers are invited to make their selections in a premier facility, with access to an unrivaled selection of products and services, the convenience of one-stop shopping and the help of dedicated professional Design Consultants to guide them through the process. While the promotional marketing appeal to consumers is apparent, what is the impact on your operations as a builder?

Our centre eliminates the need for builders to manage their own showroom, along with the heavy burden associated with the staffing and stocking of samples that come along with maintaining such a state of the art facility. Our process will allow you to better manage the selling of upgrades to your purchasers and gain better control of your profitability. This allows you to focus on what you do best; the construction of quality homes for your purchasers.

On-line Data Management Tool

Another advantage we offer is our On-line Data Management Tool. This easy to use portal allows you to:

  • Create and maintain your models with square and linear footage
  • Enter your own incremental costs and set your own mark-ups
  • Track profit and easily control your margins by making changes as needed
  • Track chart distribution to staff, trades and suppliers
  • Set standard product options and enter homeowner profiles
  • Organize and assign product offerings to specific rooms in each home

All of this is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the tool’s on-line availability through our management portal

Being partnered with the Home Decor Centre® also emphasizes to home buyers that their builder is dedicated to providing them with the largest selection of the best retail brands on the home decor market at every price point. Builders enhance their image by being associated with a facility that offers home buyers everything they could ask for to make their new house a home.

Conference Rooms

Upon becoming a member of the Home Decor Centre® you will gain access to one of our three fully equipped conference facilities with Internet, audio and visual functionality (subject to availability), one of which is named “The University”. Not just your typical boardroom, “The University” serves as a fully-integrated classroom that can facilitate up to 100 people. Here you can host meetings, seminars and other information sessions with your staff or home buyers. In our experience, keeping these groups well engaged and educated helps build the relationships that a successful business depends on.